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What people are saying about Raising River Band!

The Raising River band is fantastic. They have performed at our fall bonfire event year after year. The band’s fun music is uplifting and full of life and the harmonies are sweet. The musicians are great people and super easy to work with. Highly recommend! ~K Pottinger

On stage eight people perform.
There is a stand-up bass holding things together, a rhythm guitar keeping the bass in check, a percussionist, an electric banjo, yes, an electric banjo, (don’t run), a masterful fiddle, throw in some mandolin and fill that in with pedal steel.
Everyone in the band sings, taking turns with the leads, male and female with creative harmonies. How is that possible, at the same time while raising River?
They play the songs you know, as well as originals that sound like songs you have always known. The Raising River Band are rising to the top of my list...If you have not had a chance to see them, you should.
Ed Mattson
Organizer, Producer and Musician in my spare time.
Creator of

We (The Union Firehouse) had the band for a spectacular show. They rocked the house with exceptional musicianship and mesmorizing vocal harmonies. If you ever get a chance to experience them PLEASE DON'T MISS IT!